Accountants & Bookkeepers

What is a Freelance Accountant?

Freelance accountants do bookkeeping tasks on a part-time basis, moving from company to company when finishing a job. Freelancers can be university students, a semi-retired CPA, or anyone seeking a dynamic job with business experience. There has been a major shift toward the freelancer throughout the professional world. In 2020, a projected 43% of the global workforce will be considered freelancers. With promising opportunity, Hong Kong is a hub for the freelance accountants to thrive.

It is common for SME to not be able to handle the burden of a full-time accountant. This is where natural synergies between the SME and freelance accountant form. The freelancer can provide high-quality services at the company’s convenience. Freelancers can utilize this valuable work experience to help take the next step in their business career.

What does a Bookkeeper do?

The role of a bookkeeper is integral for any-sized business. They are responsible for maintaining accurate financial information for the company. For SME, the roles and responsibilities of bookkeepers are even more important. General tasks of a bookkeeper can include:

  • – Processing vendors’ invoices
  • – Billing and following up on accounts receivable continuously
  • – Payroll processing
  • – Managing cash
  • – Reconciling account balances to maintain accurate recording
  • – Preparing and processing any adjusting entries the company must make
  • – Calculating the details of tax returns
  • – Drafting financial statements

Our Service

Cloud accounting technologies are changing the way bookkeeping is done. Tracking invoices, monitoring bank statements, and entering transactions have never been easier. These technologies streamline accounting actions all into one place that can be accessed across internet-connected devices. Each of our featured platforms has their own way of helping SMEs become more efficient.
A common problem for companies looking to convert to cloud-accounting platforms is converting their bank statement from PDF to a cloud-compatible CSV. The perception is that this conversion requires timely and inefficient data entry. At Cloudonme, we understand this problem and will do this service for our partners. It is our goal is to make the integration process to cloud accounting..

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